hp deskjet d2600 setup

123 HP Deskjet d2600 Setup

  • 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Setup used to Print images, documents, photos or files from the PC Device. It is the Best Printer which is Designed for Personal and Home use.
  • It comes with the excellent features like Print and Copy which helps to Print your Photos and Documents with ease.
  • You can Connect Wireless Setup for 123 HP Deskjet d2600 to your Apple iOS, Android mobile, Laptops and Tablet.
  • And it includes Copy Set-up, Scan, Print, Cloud Print Setup, AirPrint Setup and ePrint Setup. You might Connect your iOS Device to Deskjet d2600 Printer by using AirPrint Setup.

123-hp-deskjet-d2600 setup

123 HP Deskjet d2600 First Time Printer Setup

As everyone knows first time 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Setup is completely different from usual setup. You must perform all steps carefully.
At the same time, you must Unbox parts and perform required methods to Download Software from 123.hp.com/deskjet d2600.
To do Deskjet d2600 Printer Setup, you must follow some On-Screen procedures which includes

Step 1: Remove 123 HP Deskjet Printer from Box

  • First of all, take out Deskjet d2600 Printer with other parts like Setup Guide, Cable and Cartridge from Box.
  • Likewise, Unpack its coverings like protective tape and plastic tape from different parts of the d2600 Printer.
  • Open output and input paper tray and cartridge access area.
  • After that, remove coverings and tapes of your 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer.
  • Try to keep your printing device on the firm surface so you can use it further steps.

Step 3: Install 123HP Deskjet d2600 Printer Software

  • Visit 123.hp.com, to Install Deskjet d2600 Printer Software.
  • You are advised to Search for the updated Printer Software which is compatible to d2600 DJ Printer and Device.
  • Eventually, Open Download folder while you have finished and Double “Click to Begin Installing Software”.
  • Once Installation Starts, you must follow On-screen procedures to complete the process.
  • You can Enter certain Information like Add Printer, Connection Type and 123 HP Deskjet d2600 USB Printer Setup when asked via system prompts.
  • Finally, tap on “Finish”.

Step 2: Connect Deskjet d2600 to Power Cord

Switch On your Operating system and 123 HP d2600 Deskjet Printer to start working.

  • First and foremost, you should Unpack the Power Cable from packing.
  • Try to Connect one end to rear end of the 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer.
  • Connect other end of the Plug with Power Outlet.
  • At present, Deskjet d2600 is linked to the Power Source which is ready to Connect.

Step 4: Install Ink Cartridges and Take Test Print

  • Firstly, Open Door to a Cartridge access area which helps to Install Cartridges.
  • This reveals Cartridge slot in center of the 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer. To access a lot, Open lid of the cartridge.
  • Discard plastic tape from the ink cartridge by holding its sides. Try to snap it into cartridge slot. Wait for a while that you set it fix.
  • You must not touch copper strips or nozzles.
  • Close Cartridge access Door and slot lid.
  • Now, test “Print a Page” from DJ d2600 Printer to Check whether Ink Cartridges are Installed properly.

Print Documents on Deskjet d2600 (Windows)

To Print Documents Check d2600 Printer’s Output Tray & Input Tray is Open. For more info about Loading Paper, Visit 123.hp.com Deskjet d2600 Printer.

  • From HP Software, Choose “Print”.
  • Make Sure, that d2600 Deskjet Printer is Selected to print documents on d2600 Windows 10 Setup.
  • Click button which Opens “Properties Dialog Box”.
  • In fact,Based on the Driver app, this type of button can be called as Printer 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Setup, Options, Properties, Preferences, Printer Properties or Printer.
  • Choose the exact options on the Printing Shortcut. If you interest to change other Print Settings then Click other tabs.
  • Press OK to Close Properties Dialog Box.Click OK or Print to Start Printing.

Print Documents on Deskjet d2600 (MAC)

  • Choose Print from “File” Menu in 123 HP d2600 Deskjet Software.
  • Be Sure, that 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer is Selected to print documents on Mac Setup for 123 HP Deskjet d2600.
  • After that, Set the Print Options.
  • Suppose you didn’t see option on Print Dialog then Click show Details and follow below steps like
  • In the Paper size pop-up menu, Select exact paper size. Suppose you change the Paper Size then ensure that you have Loaded the Proper Paper.
  • Choose the Orientation.
  • Try to enter the scaling percentage.
  • Press “Print”.

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123 hp deskjet d2600 print success

123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printing Success

If you are a newbie to use 123.hp.com/deskjet d2600 Printer then you may struggle a lot to Print your required Document in effective way. In such kind of situation, you can take advantage of below tips such as

  • Paper Loading Tips
  • Ink Tips
  • Printer Settings Tips

To Print successfully in Deskjet d2600 Printer, 123 HP d2600 Printer Cartridges must be functioning properly along with sufficient ink. At the same time, Paper must be Loaded properly and it has Appropriate Settings.

Note: 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer Settings might not apply to Scanning or Copying.

123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer Ink Tips
  • Utilize original 123 HP Deskjet d2600 Printer Ink Cartridges.
  • Install both tri-color and black cartridges correctly.
  • Try to visit 123.hp.com/setup to get more information about ink tips.
  • Original 123 HP Cartridges are tested and designed with the Papers and Printers which helps to produce excellent results.
123 HP d2600 Printer Paper Loading tips
  • Load Stack of Paper into d2600 Printer and it must be in same size which helps to Avoid Paper Jam.
  • Make sure, that Paper loaded in input tray lays flat and edges might not be torn or bent.
  • Just adjust paper-width guide in the input tray. Check whether paper-width guide might not bend paper in the Input Tray.

If you wish Change the Default Print Settings then Open 123 HP Printer d2600 Software. You are advisable to Visit 123.hp.com/setup Deskjet d2600 Printer because they can provide complete guidance for Printer Installation.


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